The Coddiwomple is back for 2022!

The BMW MOA is excited to announce the 2022 edition of its free riding activity open only to MOA members - the Grand Coddiwomple! What is a Coddiwomple, you ask? Well, it means “to travel in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination.” Think of this is as a large-scale scavenger hunt created just for BMW MOA members!

The Grand Coddiwomple is about all the places you will go and the fun things you will do that you would not have done otherwise. You get to choose your own Challenges and routes ridden on your own schedule! Everything is spelled out on the RULES and CHALLENGES pages.

You can access the registration link from either the Rules or the Challenges page, and if you're not already an MOA member, someone from our Membership Team will reach out to you after you complete registration to get you signed up for the MOA.

Completing this activity should be relatively easy. Scoring a very high points total will be more challenging. Although there are some competitive elements, it’s not about prizes nor competition. It’s about all the things you’ll see and the places you’ll go! It’s designed to give everyone the opportunity to participate, even if your riding time is limited. The entire point of the Grand Coddiwomple event is to have fun riding your motorcycle!

This event runs from April 1 through October 31, 2022, and registration is open now. Participation is limited to the first 1,000, so register early to ensure your place and the best chance to receive your flag by the April 1 start date. NOTE: Registration remains open until we reach 1,000 riders. We thank Team Strange for their support and for allowing us to base our rules on their Team Strange Airheads Uniform Rules and Grand Tour Rules.

You are encouraged to volunteer as a photo judge. It’s fun and easy, and you can still participate in the Coddiwomple! Just email [email protected] for more information. Have fun planning your ride and riding your plan! It’s the Grand Coddiwomple!


How Does This Work?
In simple terms, you’ll ride your bike to various physical locations described in the Challenges document and provide proof with photos of your bike and your Grand Coddiwomple flag. There are exceptions in the name of practicality or site-specific limitations, so read the Rules carefully.

Each challenge is worth a stated number of points. You need 300 points to complete the Grand Coddiwomple. When you complete you will earn bragging rights and receive a paper completion certificate suitable for framing and a commemorative pin. However, it is possible to go well beyond 300 points, and the person with the highest total points will be named the winner and will receive a recognition award. There will also be prize pools for those with higher points totals. See the Rules for details.

Reading comprehension matters. We believe that carefully reading the Rules and Challenges documents will answer most questions. However, there will be more detailed information in the event FAQ. The information there will be updated throughout the duration of the event as needed, so check often. If you still do not find an answer to your question(s) send an email to [email protected]. Please understand that the people responding are all volunteers and a reply may take several days.

Event Dates
This event runs from April 1 through October 31, 2022. Registration opened February 2, 2022 at BMWMOA.ORG/CODDIWOMPLE. It is limited to the first 1,000 entrants, so register early to ensure your place and to receive your flag by the April 1st start date.

Photo submissions are evaluated by volunteer Judges, and due to the length of this event, we are asking for volunteers to help over time. It is a small commitment done from your computer, and YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE if you volunteer! Please email [email protected] to speak with someone.

These Rules are based with permission on Team Strange Airheads Uniform Rules and Grand Tour Rules. We would like to thank Team Strange for their support for this project.